Not to Shrink the Earth is a portfolio that captures the essence of my two passions: travel and writing. The posts vary from informative and exploratory, to humorous and playful, and maybe at times a bit raunchy. Such is life, and such is travel. I call my personal travel philosophy cosmopolitan hoboism – on the one hand you have the ethics and hospitality that make up the cosmopolitan ideology and on the other you have the hobo code – together these values and outlook shape and inform my decisions as a traveler, global citizen and Cosmopolitan Hobo. Globalization has made the world smaller in many regards, but it is our duty to keep exploring, traveling, experiencing life, forging relationships and seeking the unknown because the world is still a massive space, and by reminding ourselves of our common struggles, differences and our shared humanity our world doesn’t shrink, it grows more complex and rewarding.



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