London’s Best Worst Hotels

After hearing about the woman’s body stuffed in the water tank in LA, you need to remember that when booking budget you may be getting something you did not bargain for. Now we’re not saying these hotels will have dead bodies in your bathtub or hooker bloodstains on your sheets but you may want to think again about these worst-rated hotels. We present to you, respectfully, the 971th, 973rd, 978th, 990th best hotels in London according to TripAdvisor.

Park Hotel-Belgrave Road (971th Best) – Bedbug infestation, cheating management, refusal to help with luggage and other such abysmal service, blood-spattered walls and sheets, holes punched in the walls, rat traps in the yard. Enough said? Maybe. Maybe you shouldn’t stay at shitholes to begin with?

Corbigoe Hotel(973rd Best) – A real winner with 161 one-star reviews. Guests noted random room changes, damp, rotten curry smells emanating from the walls and the general, dilapidated squalor found in murderous horror films. One woman wrote that she was checked out by a shirtless employee dressed only in boxer shorts, while another reported that another employee made a very physical and unwanted sexual advance. Sleep tight friends!

Ventures Hotel (978th Best) – Dilapidation at its best. Guests reported bleeding skin lesions from bed bugs, mysterious black filth on the curtains, huge rats and dubious stains on the sheets and bedding. 80% one-star reviews puts this as a front runner in the Nightmare Hotels category.

The Lonsdale Hotel (989th best) – This one’s another gem. Everything from used condoms to bedbugs for a £70 room. Some travellers noted sexual fluids on the walls, hypodermic needles under the bed, dead cockroaches in the sink, even a pair of soiled and bloodied underwear. Further reviews call attention to the dungeon-like quality of the rooms, beds with springs poking out, no heating or the finer amenities…like toilet paper. Avoid at all costs.

Earl’s Court Garden Hotel (990th best) – This place describes itself as a “clean tourist class hotel with basic facilities.” If that’s not enough to scare you away, then the roaches, leaky ceilings, moldy furniture and tiles, saggy piss-ridden beds and general lack of concern for your heath and safety should do it. The lurid graffiti on the walls gives it the horror film vibe, common amongst these stinkers. One review called the experience “a nightmare and a violation of human rights.”


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