Bad Bunga in Cairo Casino Hotels

Prostitution is pretty common in Cairo and has only expanded following the revolution. For many young men who don’t earn enough to get married, their only outlet for physical intimacy with a woman is by going to a prostitute. Today, the least expensive girls are Egyptians who hang around in certain seedy coffee shops and apartments specifically designated for this purpose. Roughly 100EGP (US $13) is the average rate for most employed men in the city but that’s almost half their weekly paycheck.

Some of the more expensive, hardened professionals can be found lurking in casino’s of Cairo hotels. The women will mingle around the men playing slot machines, roulette and the other typical games of chance, waiting for an opportunity to be bought a drink at the bar and simultaneously chatted up. Look for pairs of women sitting at the bar, or the casual encounter followed by a suggestive look over the shoulder.

In some hotel casinos you’ll notice girls by the entrance who are reserved for the sheiks who will shell out ten Gs without batting an eye. Prostitution is illegal in Egypt but the men involved are usually given a slap on the wrist, while the women are severely punished. Still the industry is alive and well and like it or not, provides a more socially-conscious option than the scourge of bogus wedding certificates the country issues to wealthy men in the region who “marry” girls as young as 13, take them on a “honeymoon,” and then drop them off where they came from with a wad of bills. The “summer marriages” have actually gained popularity as a means to get by since the revolution.


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